Cyber FIRE

A week-long, hands-on computer security training and exercise for cyber defenders in the Department of Energy, other government agencies, government contractors, and related critical infrastructure.

The event consists of 3 days of intensive, hands-on training, followed by a 2-day exercise designed to reinforce the training and introduce more new concepts.

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Training Tracks

Cyber FIRE begins with three days of intensive training in the participant's choice of one of five tracks.


Training is followed by a 2-day puzzle-based exercise

How it works

Participants self-organize into teams. The teams are then let loose on a free-form set of challenges spanning multiple categories. Teammates work together to solve puzzles, sharing tips and making new professional contacts. Instructors will be available to help if your team gets stuck.

In addition to puzzles developed to test techniques taught in the previous days' tracks, participants can unlock hidden puzzle categories to further develop their skills in new areas through learn-as-you-play exercises.

In previous events, participants reported making an average of 5 new professional contacts. The quality of the training tracks and contest were each rated at greater than 4.5 out of 5.

Exercise Categories

  • Forensic analysis
  • Javascript deobfuscation
  • Network archaeology
  • Malware reverse engineering
  • Sequence analysis
  • Binary file reverse engineering
  • Snort® mastery
  • Splunk® mastery
  • ...and more!


Upcoming and past events

Upcoming Events

  • Cyber FIRE 2016E: 20-24 Jun 2016, Reston VA

Past Events

  • Tracer FIRE 2: February 2010, Santa Fe NM
  • Tracer FIRE 3: 7-10 March 2011, Santa Fe NM
  • Tracer FIRE 4: 6-10 February 2012, Santa Fe NM
  • Tracer FIRE 5: 4-8 February 2013, Online
  • Tracer INFERNO 6M: 20-24 April 2015, DOE CyberSecurity Conference, Kansas City KS
  • Tracer FIRE 6E: 1-5 June 2015, Reston VA
  • Cyber INFERNO 2016W: 24-26 Jan 2016, Richland WA
  • Cyber FIRE 2016W: 22-26 Feb 2016, Las Vegas NV

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this event cost?

We do not charge participants to attend this training, but you'll need to arrange your own transportation and hotel. A government-rate block of rooms may be available for the event, and instructions to reserve a room in that block will be provided at the time of registration and in your confirmation email.

Is this a conference?

No, this is not a conference. This is a training event. This event has been exempted in iPortal.

Am I registered?

You should receive a confirmation email shortly after registering. If you don't receive one or are unsure, email and we'll verify your registration status.

Can I change my registration after submitting?

Yes, you can submit a new registration to replace the old one, or send an email to with the corrections.

What do I need to bring?

You should bring a laptop with an Ethernet port, preferably running both Ubuntu and Windows. You'll also need an Ethernet cable. We recommend bringing your own Internet connection (e.g. cellular hotspot) just in case the venue's connection is poor/non-existent. Any other software/supplies should be specified in the syllabus for your track, and you should download, install, and configure any software before coming to the event.

Can you help me set up my laptop?

Yes, instructors will be available Sunday evening to help with configuration issues.

What is the dress code?

Geek casual.


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Cyber FIRE 2016E

Jun 2016
Hyatt Regency, Reston, VA

Human Subjects Research Notice

We use Cyber FIRE as an opportunity to conduct research on training effectiveness, teamwork, and how to build a community of computer security professionals. During the Cyber FIRE exercise, we may observe your activities, record when your team checks out a puzzle, your team's puzzle solutions and times they were submitted, and your team's written comments (if any) on the puzzles. You may choose whether or not to participate in other research activities, including talking directly to researchers and/or filling out questionnaires and evaluation forms. We will not record your name or other information that could identify you as an individual in any material collected for research purposes. If you have any questions or concerns about your rights as a human subject, please contact us via the link on this page, or contact the Los Alamos National Laboratory Human Subjects Research Review Board at (505) 667-1848 or

Los Alamos National Laboratory
US Department Of Energy
Los Alamos National Laboratory