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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register if I only plan to play the game?

At least one person on your team must register. We would really appreciate it if everybody registered, as it helps us understand how many people we are serving with Tracer FIRE. All we require to register is an email address.

Can I sit in on classes without committing to participation?

We have had several requests to "audit" a class. We are limiting class size to keep a manageable number of students able to ask questions. Provided you don't ask questions, or ask questions through a registered proxy, you may sit in: we don't care. Specify "none" for your class preferences.

What hours/days will things run?

Classes run 8-11 AM and 1-4 PM, US/Mountain, Feb 4-5.

The game opens at 8AM US/Mountain on Feb 6, and closes 11AM US/Mountain on Feb 8.

Will people be attacking my machine?

There will be nothing in this year's contest to encourage attacks against other participants.

Participants should take the usual precautions when connecting to the Internet. Assume someone with ill will is going to try to scan your computer and get in. Use a firewall, be careful about what you click, etc. They say that the DEFCON network is the most hostile network in the world, but the Internet is even worse.

What will the game be like?

The game is primarily forensic in nature (FIRE stands for Forensic Incident Response Exercise) and as such, gameplay typically consists of downloading something from our server, spending 30-240 minutes working with it locally, then submitting a short text answer to our server. There will be at least one section in which participants must interact with a live service that we host.

What information about me will be visible to other participants?

By design, the game provides no information about any team other than a name that the team selects. Specifically, no IP adtress is attached to any game activity other than server logs which only the organizers have access to. Participants will probably be able to estimate time zones of teams based on when teams score points on the scoreboard.

The IRC network does reveal IP addresses of connected clients. Anyone on IRC who knows a client's nickname will be able to determine their IP adtress. By joining the class channel, you will be exposing your nickname to everyone else in the channel.

Is this a Conference according to DOE guidelines?

We are getting clarification. In the meantime, tell your travel office that there are no travel expenses and no registration fee: it is virtually identical to a video teleconference.

TracerFIRE 5 Overview

Training Tracks


Tracer FIRE 5 will be held entirely online. We recommend setting up dedicated space for participants at your site, so that they may focus on the training and excercise, away from their normal work environment.

Larger "regional hubs" are being established in key cities for participants to congregate. Information about hubs will be emailed to you after you register.

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