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Cyber Security Science

Tracer FIRE

Incident Coordination

Learning how to coordinate a large-scale incident, tying together analysts, management, IT, and any other interested parties.

Course Outline

  1. Cyber incident structure
    1. Types of compromise
    2. Elements of response
    3. Data sources and data management
    4. Process management and documentation
  2. Core technical areas
    1. Network
    2. Host
    3. Application (Malware)
    4. Crisis team management
  3. External interface communication
    1. Management
    2. Operational IT
    3. Public affairs
    4. Law Enforcement
    5. Augmented capability (peer entities, consulting, etc.)
  4. Participant presentations
    1. Individualized cyber IR response plans


Please bring a laptop with OpenOffice, Microsoft Office, or equivalent suite including presentation software, spreadsheet, and word processor.

TracerFIRE 5 Overview

Training Tracks


Tracer FIRE 5 will be held entirely online. We recommend setting up dedicated space for participants at your site, so that they may focus on the training and excercise, away from their normal work environment.

Larger "regional hubs" are being established in key cities for participants to congregate. Information about hubs will be emailed to you after you register.

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