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Tracer FIRE is a week-long hands-on computer security workshop for cyber defenders in DOE, other government agencies, critical infrastructure, and college students.

The exercise consists of 2 days of intensive training on a single subject, followed by a 2½-day game in which contestants are placed on a team and must use their new and existing skills to compete with other teams for points across multiple categories.

Tracer FIRE is part of the Tracer series of events to build the cyber defense community.


Tracer FIRE 5 will be entirely online this year. This decision was made to help those with limited budget participate.

You are encouraged to attend or host a "regional hub". Hubs can be as small as 1-4 people in a small conference room, or as large as a 100-person banquet hall. A hub must be able to provide:

  • Internet access and sufficient bandwidth for participants
  • Wired or wireless network access for every participant
  • Space amenable for participants to form one or more teams

If you would like to host a regional hub in your area, be it open to the public or closed to just your institution, please subscribe to the hubs email list so we can mail you information and requirements as they develop.


Due to unexpected demand, the 2-day classes this year will only be available to US Government and Critical Infrastructure. The 2½-day game will remain open to anyone who wants to participate. Please register, even if you only intend to participate in the game.

Register online now to assure a seat in classes, and to make sure you get important emails with the URL to the game and other updates.

TracerFIRE 5 Overview

Training Tracks


Tracer FIRE 5 will be held entirely online. We recommend setting up dedicated space for participants at your site, so that they may focus on the training and excercise, away from their normal work environment.

Larger "regional hubs" are being established in key cities for participants to congregate. Information about hubs will be emailed to you after you register.

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